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CYBSA Code of Conduct

Coaching a youth sport program such as Little League Baseball and Softball is a privilege that is not to be taken for granted. As a coach, appointed by the CYBSA Board of Directors, you have an important role in the development of the young children in the community. We strive to teach each child the positive values of good sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork – values they can use throughout their lives. In order to ensure each coach is acting in the best interest of the children and Little League Baseball, the CYBSA Board has developed a Coaches Code of Conduct for interactions with players, parents, fans, coaches, and umpires. 

  1. Players – When there are interactions with players, appropriate language and behavior is expected.
    • Responsibility – Coaches are responsible for supervision of all players from the time they are dropped off until the time they are picked up.
    • Language - At no time is cursing or yelling at a player acceptable. As a coach you are a mentor and should focus on the positive. A coach should always be looking for opportunities to praise and encourage the players. 
    • Discipline – At no time is physical discipline of a player acceptable. At the beginning of the season, coaches are encouraged to establish and communicate rules of acceptable behavior to players and parents, and the consequences if not followed. Coaches have a variety of discipline measures at their disposal including restriction to the dugout, dismissal from practice or games, and, with approval of the CYBSA Board of Directors, dismissal from the team.  If a coach wishes to discipline his own child, he is expected to pull the player aside for corrective action.
  2. Parents & Fans – Coaches are expected to interact with parents in a professional manner. Appropriate language and behavior is expected. At no time should a coach respond to comments from fans during a game. 

  3. Coaches – Coaches are expected to interact with opposing coaches in a professional manner.  Coaches must show respect for opposing coaches and teams and must expect their teams to do the same.

  4. Umpires – Coaches are expected to interact with umpires in a professional manner. Respecting umpires can be difficult at times.  Coaches must always show respect for umpires (especially when their calls are disputed) and must expect their teams to do the same.

Drugs, Alcohol, & Tobacco – A coach determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the field immediately. An infraction of this type will (with approval from the CYBSA Board of Directors) result in a termination of coaching privileges. In addition, the use of tobacco (in any form) while coaching, is strictly prohibited.

In the event a complaint is received by the CYBSA Board of Directors of a coach failing to comply with the above listed code of conduct, the Board may decide to 1) dismiss the case, 2) draft a warning letter or 3) revoke all or part of the coach’s privileges. 

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