Williamsport Team Announced

Congratulations to all our players selected 2015 Williamsport Team. The team is selected by vote of the Major League coaches as well as 2-4 picks made by our Williamsport coach.
This year the board elected Hank Boye as our 2015 Williamsport Coach.

The players of our 2015 Williamsport Team are:

Camden Albanese
Justin Appleby
Maxwell Boye
Connor Comerford
Jimmy Grech
William Grudinskas
Christopher Karalekas
Joseph Klier
Bernard Mulcahy
Michael Powers
Will Richardsson
Daniel Turpel
Jack Wipf

Players selected, please do not forget to register - We're looking forward to a great Tournament!

Friday Night Baseball - An Exciting Finish to the ML Playoff Series

We've got an exciting night of Baseball in Cohasset. Congrats to the Dodgers for qualifying for the finals. Games start at 6 PM Friday Night at Barnes Field.

Here are the scenarios:

Pirates qualify for finals with:

  1. A win against the Mets
  2. A tie against the Mets and a Rangers loss to the Red Sox

Rangers qualify for the finals with:

  1. A win against the Red Sox and a Pirates loss or tie to the Mets

Mets qualify for the finals with:

  1. A win against the Pirates and a Rangers loss or tie to the Red Sox

2015 Major All Star Game

Thanks to everyone for a great night of baseball under the lights in Cohasset - special thanks to Chris Allen, Derek Grundinskas and Brian Sasso for making our game and cookout a success.  And how about the Home Run by Luke Gainey! It may still be going!

Back row:  Coach Greg Wipf, Luke Gainey, Coach Greg Albanese, Coach John Froio, Coach Hank Boye, Coach Derek Grudinskas, and Coach Jim Madden   Middle row:  Jack Wipf, Nick Baker, Chris Karalekas, Devin McGinty, Bernie Mulcahy, Cam Albanese, Chris Carrabes, James Cain, Conor Comerford, Joe Klier, Katie Pyne, and Will Richardsson   Front row kneeling:  Jack Connell, Erik Berndt, Bobby Allen, Danny Turpel, Will Grudinskas, Justin Froio, Michael Powers, Matt Grimes, Jimmy Grech, Will McInerney   Front row lying down: Max Boye

Back row:  Coach Greg Wipf, Luke Gainey, Coach Greg Albanese, Coach John Froio, Coach Hank Boye, Coach Derek Grudinskas, and Coach Jim Madden   Middle row:  Jack Wipf, Nick Baker, Chris Karalekas, Devin McGinty, Bernie Mulcahy, Cam Albanese, Chris Carrabes, James Cain, Conor Comerford, Joe Klier, Katie Pyne, and Will Richardsson   Front row kneeling:  Jack Connell, Erik Berndt, Bobby Allen, Danny Turpel, Will Grudinskas, Justin Froio, Michael Powers, Matt Grimes, Jimmy Grech, Will McInerney   Front row lying down: Max Boye

And here are some more pictures from the game thanks to Kim Albanese:

2015 Summer Baseball Teams Announced

Selections for the Summer Baseball teams have been completed.  A combination of tryout performance and coaches evaluation were used to select the teams.  We are very excited for a fun and competitive Summer Baseball season.  

Unlike our Spring and Fall programs, there is a stronger emphasis on assembling the most competitive team at each age range - as we build towards a competitive Williamsport Team.

A few notes:

  1. Williamsport Tournament Rules restrict us from announcing the team until June 15 - at which time we will work to determine if we can assemble a 11-12 team for anyone players not selected to the team as well as any 11 yr olds not selected 
  2. We have an A and B team for our 11 yr old age group
  3. Given those who tried out and are interested in playing baseball this summer, we did not have enough players to field a B team for both the 9 and 10 yr old age range - we have selected a combined to play in the South River League

As with any selection process, there may be players and families unhappy with the decisions.  We continue to strive to improve our selection process, but also are committed to our goal of building towards a competitive Williamsport Team.  

If you have questions or concerns, please use the contact page.

2015 Summer Baseball Teams

11 A Team
Camden Albanese
Justin Appleby
Gavin Carter
Dylan Coffey
Justin Froio
Lars Gubitosi
Nicholas Henry
Anthony Inferrera
Collin Madden
Ryan Madden
David McSweeney
Jackson Soderberg
Danny Talacci

11 B Team
Frankie Agostino
James Appleton
Joe Bennett
Josh Burke
Dillon Fitzpatrick
Shane Fitzpatrick
Giuncarlo Fricano
Henry Griffin
Hayes McCarron
Patrick McCarron
Travis McKeen
Will Molloy
Lucas Najjar
Connor Nichols

10 A Team
Will Baker
Carter Boyle
Brendan Cingari
Lucas Fernando
Max Galvin
Max Gomez
Nicholas Iantosca
Luke Nivaud
Alex Norgeot
Austin Ronan
Walter Rosher
James Smith

Combined 9-10 B Team
This team will compete in a 10 and under division in the South River League
Blaine Basile
Chris Brandt
Henry Burke
Brian Connell
Teddy Fox
William Griffin
Sam Hassan
Declan Lee
Reid Nussbaum
Charlie Sebestyen
John Shannon
Billy Trojnor-Barron
Carter Wimberly

9 A Team
Liam Appleton
Charlie Bushley
Del Dibona
Charlie Farrag
Ben Henry
Ben Joyce
Jack Kyler
Ian Linhart
Luke McCann
Charley McKeen
Wyatt Miller
Zach Munson

Please be cautious - Parking Lot

Please be cautious when driving through the parking lot at the Barnes Field Complex.  Please remember both Children and Adults may be crossing the parking lot, especially between Barnes Field and the Snack Shack.

Crosswalk gets a Refresh

Crosswalk gets a Refresh

Many thanks to JW Graham, a CYBSA Sponsor, for giving our crosswalk a refresh.  

Registration Now Open for Spring 2015

Registration is now open for the Spring 2015 season of baseball and softball. Please register online at CYBSA.net by clicking the “Registration” link along the top banner. The CYBSA offers leagues for players aged 5 through 16.

Registration will be open through Saturday, March 14th.

Change to Age Cut-Off Dates for Baseball:

Little League International, the governing body of our town league, has implemented a change in the cut-off ages. The age cut-off date has been changed to December 31st from April 31st. The change is being implemented over a two-year period, with the changes effective immediately for younger players and over the next few years for older players. (Players in the American and Major Leagues will NOT be affected by this change.)

As a result of the Little League changes, groupings for the younger players (those born after December 2006) will change from what your player has experienced in the past: he or she may not be with the same classmates or teammates that they’ve been with in previous seasons.

Parents of 5-year olds: Players are eligible for the Farm League if they will be 5 years old by December 31, 2015.

Parents of 6- and 7-year olds: Players are eligible for both the Farm/Grapefruit League and the National 6/7 League. The Grapefruit League offers station-based skill development (small “teams” rotate through different skill stations) and the NL67 offers a game experience for players after a 30-minute warm-up/drill period.

Parents of 8-year olds: Previously, 8-year olds played in the National League 8 division and 9 and 10 year olds played in the American League division. Because of the rule change certain 8 year olds (those born between May 31st and December 31st of 2006) will be eligible to play in the American League. To handle the transition this year, the CYBSA will give players the choice: players that were born between May 31st and December 31st 2006 can choose to play in either NL8 or AL. Both leagues will be an option on the registration page. If you would like to talk about the best choice for your player, please contact Derek Grudinskas, our CYBSA Player Agent, at derekgrudinskas@yahoo.com prior to registering online.

More details about the cut-off date change are on the Little League International website at  www.littleleague.org/learn/newsletters/CBNewsletter/2014/cbnov14/newplayerage.htm

Tentative Schedule:

Although the schedule changes each year based on the number of participants, we will base the 2015 season on last year’s schedule. Please keep in mind that this is a TENTATIVE schedule only; please refer to the website for updates in April. Additional games may be added due to rain games, holidays, or other scheduling issues. Note that each team’s coaches determine the times for practices.


Grapefruit League (5, 6 and 7 year olds): Sundays at 1:30 or 2:45 pm

National League 6/7 (6 & 7 year olds): Saturdays 8:30 am and Sundays 12 pm

National League 8 (8 year olds): Sundays 1:30 pm and/or Mondays 5:45 pm

American League (9 & 10 year olds): Saturdays 3:30 pm, Sundays 3:30 pm, Wednesdays 5:45 pm, and/or Mondays 5:45 pm.

Major League (11 & 12 year olds): Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, and/or Thursdays 5:45 pm

Junior League (13 - 16 year olds): Two weeknights per week on the Beechwood field.


D1 (K-2nd grade): Saturdays 3:30 pm and Sundays 4 pm

D2 (3-5th grade): Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30 pm

D3 (6-8th grade): Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30 pm

New CYBSA Board Members

The CYBSA would like to welcome two new board members, Jen Miller and Scott Henry.  Congratulations as well to Matt McSweeney and Derek Grudinskas on their re-election to the board.

The CYBSA Board of Directors (BOD) would also like to thank Gabriel Gomez and Joe Mahoney, who are retiring from the board after a number of years of service.

This Summer, the BOD also decided to invite 2 former board members to participate in the BOD meetings with non-voting Board Emeritus positions.  On December 11, the BOD voted to invite former CYBSA presidents Paul Canney and Joe Mahoney to our inaugural Board Emeritus positions.  Thanks to Paul and Joe for accepting these positions and their continued service to CYBSA.

A full list of BOD member can be found here

Welcome to the Major League!

The CYBSA Board is happy to announce the following players have been invited to the Major League for our Spring 2015 season.

The following players have been invited to the Major League:
Frankie Agostino
James Appleton
Nick Baker
Gaeb Barrett
Joe Bennett
Sam Brown
Josh Burke
Joseph Carroll
Emma Carroll
JC Centelio
Nathan Charron
Drew Coveney
Shane Fitzpatrick
Ben Ford
Luke Gainey
Henry Griffin
Lars Gubitosi
Kevin Krumsiek
Sam Laugelle
Jack Madden
Ethan Maxwell
Jackson McKeen
Will Molloy
Ryan Norton
Tommy St. Saveur
Jonathon Tulio
Quinn Walsh

The players above will be selected to specific teams in our Major League draft, tentatively planned for early December.  Once selected, players will be contacted by their coaches.  Congratulations to all our players - we are looking forward to an fun and exciting Spring season.

Change Announced in Major League Eligibility

The CYBSA Board voted on Thursday, October 16th to change the eligibility for our Major League (ML). Starting with our 2015 season, we will expand our automatic eligibility to 11 year olds.

Below is the proposal approved by the Board:

  1. All 12 year olds would be automatically eligible for the Major League and would not be required to attend tryouts.
  2. 11 year olds would also be automatically eligible provided there are enough open roster spots in the Major League. The board recognizes that there may be years however when there are more 11 year olds than there are ML open spots. In years where that is the case, the Major League tryout and Coaches Evaluation will determine which 11 year olds fill those slots.
  3. If there are available Major League slots after the placement of the 11 and 12 year olds, the remaining slots will be filled with 10 year olds based on their andMajor League tryout and Coaches evaluations. Tryout attendance is a requirement for a 10 year old for Major League placement consideration.

The goal of our In-Town Spring Baseball Program is to provide an inclusive and instructional experience for as many players as possible. While we are confident in the fairness of our tryout process, evaluating the skills and capabilities of 10 and 11 yr old baseball players can be challenging.

The decision of the board focuses our ML program on 11 and 12 yr olds - recognizing that there are benefits to both 10 and 11 yr olds in making this decision. Our players at the 11 yr age level get to play with their friends, and most of our 10 yr olds get a chance to be leaders on their teams - a chance they may only get as 12 yr olds in our current eligibility rules.


Below are some common questions you may have:

Why Make a Change Now?

There were a number of factors that were considered, primarily the overarching goal of inclusion for our In-Town Program. We also are aware that Little League International (LLI) is strongly considering requiring Major League teams to use a 50/70 field - this larger field is only for 11 and 12 year olds.

How many 10 yr olds will play in the Majors in Spring 2015?

Each year we will determine how many 11 and 12 yr olds are interested in playing in the Majors. If the combined total of 11 and 12 year olds is not enough to fill our roster spots for the ML, 10 year olds will be invited to fill those spots. For 2015, we estimate that 2 10 yr olds will be invited to play in the Majors. Other 10 yr olds may be invited as the season progresses to fill roster spots in the ML that may become available.

Do Rankings and Coaches Evaluations Matter?

Yes. We rely on the ranking to select those 10 yr olds who we will invite to play in the Majors. In future years, if there are more 11 yr olds than eligible spots in the majors, the rankings will assist in determining which 11 year olds fill those spots.

How does this change selection for Summer Baseball Teams?

The goals of the summer baseball program are slightly different as competitiveness takes a more prominent role. We do not anticipate significant change or impact to our Summer Baseball selection process - we will continue to rely on a combination of tryout performance and coaches evaluation to select the best players.


As with any change, we are certain there will be questions and concerns. The CYBSA board is committed to ensuring a positive experience for all our players and their families. We believe these changes are consistent with the goals of our In-Town program and appreciate the support of all our members as we make this change.

Thank You